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Moral dilemmas and Mill's greatest happiness princ...
Descartes' arguments for the existence of God
Why should others count in my deliberations?
Berkeley, Leibniz and common sense materialism
Stages of doubt in Descartes' 1st Meditation
Nozick on redistributive taxation and forced labou...
Can we give a non-circular justification of deduct...
Egoism and Aristotle's view of happiness
Inference to the best explanation
Hume's account of our belief in external objects
In what sense was Parmenides a monist?
Mill's proof of the utility principle
What is a law of nature?
In what sense if any is ethics objective?
Why are philosophers interested in qualia?
Can you know that you're not dreaming?
Are possible worlds really 'real'?
Locke's account of simple ideas
Rawls' distinction between political and comprehen...
Personal identity and the body duplication hypothe...
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Can intentionality be naturalized?
Moral facts and moral properties as secondary qual...
Spinoza's view of mind as the idea of the human bo...
Nietzsche and existentialism
The philosophical significance of zombies
Socrates on doing wrong knowingly (revisited)
The essential mark of the mental
Temporal becoming and the B-series view of time
Socrates on doing wrong knowingly
Heidegger on Dasein and authenticity
What is an intentional object?
Truth vs empirical adequacy in a scientific theory...
The idealism of Bishop Berkeley
Why be moral?
On possibility and possible worlds
Hume and Feagin on the puzzle of tragedy
Personal identity and body-duplication
Jean-Paul Sartre: 'Hell is other people'
Holocaust denial and anti-realism about truth
Dreaming and scepticism and knowledge as justified...
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